10-18 Turtle Soup October 2018

Volume: , Issue:

11-18 Turtle Soup November 2018

Volume: , Issue:

09-18 Turtle Soup September 2018

Volume: 12 , Issue: 7
In this issue: Walking Program, Mary Thirsk Award Winner 2018, Strides for Strokes 2018, Financial Support

06-18 Turtle Soup June 2018

Volume: 12 , Issue: 6
In this issue: Summer Extravaganza 2018, Our Happy Days, Prayer Flags at the Art Table, Our Members’ Corner, Summary of NSSRC Surefeet Program

05-18 Turtle Soup May 2018

Volume: 12 , Issue: 5
In this issue: Young Stroke Survivor Group - A great Community to be a part of!, Tulips, What I Know for Sure, Let’s Go Camping, Dates to Remember, Thank You, Our Volunteers!

04-18 Turtle Soup April 2018

Volume: 12 , Issue: 4
In this issue: 13th Annual Strides for Strokes, Keep Singing!, Sam King—BMT, Members’ Corner, Dates to Remember, Departures

03-18 Turtle Soup March 2018

Volume: 12 , Issue: 3
In this issue: You Are Never Too Old, Members’ Corner, Meet Our New Art Therapist, YSS and Our Caregiver Group are moving, Departures and Gail’s Announcements.

02-18 Turtle Soup February 2018

Volume: 12 , Issue: 2
In this issue: Ready, Set, Go!, Members' Corner, Sculpting with Bob, Portraitures on Display, Judy's Fun Day, Straight from my Heart, Dreaming Already about SFS, Gail's Announcements, Departures.

01-18 Turtle Soup January 2018

Volume: 12 , Issue: 1
In this issue: Just Take That First Step, December Festivities, Lorna's Portraiture Project, Horse Therapy, and Meet our Volunteer.

12-17 Turtle Soup December 2017

Volume: 11 , Issue: 10
In this issue: Gathering Place, Dispatches from Vancouver Island, Our Music, Let it Shine, Jane Walking in the Rain, and Meet our Volunteer.