Turtle Soup - September 2016

Volume: 10 , Issue: 7
In this issue: Summer Fun, Glimpses of June from Jane, Strides for Srokes Recap, The Summer Reunion, The Big Bike Riders, Introducing Sue Carabetta, Announcements, and Fall Programming,

Turtle Soup - June 2016

Volume: 10 , Issue: 6
In this issue: The Power of Music, Farewell to Barb, The Myth of Inspiration, Bus Trip to the Caribbean, Vitality Study Group, Father's Day and Announcements.

Turtle Soup - May 2016

Volume: 10 , Issue: 5
In this issue: I Walked to Horseshoe Bay, Out in the Fresh Air, My Diary, Home Accessibility Tax Credit, On Inspiration, Low Cost/No Cost Transportation on the North Shore.

Turtle Soup - April 2016

Volume: 10 , Issue: 4
In this issue: Getting Buzzzzy for Spring!, At the Art Table, BC Seniors' Home Renovation Tax Credit, Inventions That Changed the World, Rites of Spring, Co-ordinator's Corner

Turtle Soup - March 2016

Volume: 10 , Issue: 3
In this issue: Spring is in the Air, Communicating with iPads, Welcome Spring, Are You Ready (Part II), Bye-Bye Winter, and Go Safe.

Turtle Soup - February 2016

Volume: 10 , Issue: 2
In this issue: Dare to be Creative, Communicating with iPads, Are You Ready For an Earthquake?, Unfulfilled Desires, Are You Eligible for the Disability Tax Credit?, Liesel and Sue, Departures

Turtle Soup - January 2016

Volume: 10 , Issue: 1
In this issue: Gulzar's Saris, Christmas Luncheon, A Letter to All of You, Holiday Feasts and Co-ordinator's Corner

Turtle Soup - December 2015

Volume: 9 , Issue: 10
In this issue: A Small Town Christmas, The Grinch and the Joy of Receiving, Beating the Winter Blues, Thank You, Gail!, and The Warmth and Light of Winter.

Turtle Soup - November 2015

Volume: 9 , Issue: 9
In this issue: Mysterious Journeys, Sadie Hawkins Day, Halloween and Dracula, Announcements and Departures.

Turtle Soup - October 2015

Volume: 9 , Issue: 8
In this issue: Fall Colour Display, Leaves in Autumn, Happy Thanksgiving, Hi from Korea, Fire Safety and Evacuation, Departures and Thank You.