Turtle Soup - Summer 2014

Volume: 8 , Issue: 7
In this issue: June Luncheon, Mary Thirsk Award, Strides for Strokes Photographs, Need Some Inspiration?, Living With Stroke, Grammar Police, Fire Safety, Thanks to our Generous Donors

Turtle Soup - June 2014

Volume: 8 , Issue: 6
In this issue: Art Therapy Exercises for the Mind, Heart and Body; My WiiExperience; Wii Balance Study; and My Favourite Day in our Centre

Turtle Soup - May 2014

Volume: 8 , Issue: 5
In this issue: For my Grandchildren's Children, Mothers are the Best, Adieu to Intan and Kyrsta

Turtle Soup - April 2014

Volume: 8 , Issue: 4
In this issue: A Good Will Ambassador, Happy Easter, Hands from Our Art Table, Dates to Remember, Radio Broadcasting, Introducing Penelope

Turtle Soup - March 2014

Volume: 8 , Issue: 3
In this issue: Spring at the art table, Moving to Van, Participation linked with recovery, One unique bike built in Denmark, My favourite day in our centre (photos)

Turtle soup - February 2014

Volume: 8 , Issue: 2
In this issue: Happy Valentines Day! Finding Joy in Art, I love... , Coordinator's Corner, Introducing Kyrsta

Turtle Soup - January 2014

Volume: 8 , Issue: 1
In this issue: The Huron Carol Project, Co-ordinator’s Corner: Welcome Back!, For Those Who Don’t Feel Like Cooking, Dear Santa

Turtle Soup - November 2013

Volume: 7 , Issue: 8
In this issue: Coordinator’s Corner, Better Balance Program Is Back, Watch Your Step, Letter To The Editor, Laughter, Read Any Good Books Lately?, Departures: Frances Stirling, Grace Carr

Turtle Soup - July 2013

Volume: 7 , Issue: 7
In this issue: Our Visual Voice (photos), Photos by Osborne, Our Artists, Thank you!, Sandy’s Inspiring Story, Life is a Lyric, Hello From Mac Yi, Stroke Survivor in Korea, June Luncheon Recap, Strides for Strokes Recap, Be an Architect of Peace, Yogi Bear’s Friends, Coordinator’s Corner, On Another Note, Departures: Johanna Legge, Thank You For Your Generosity

Turtle Soup - June 2013

Volume: 7 , Issue: 6
In this issue: Full coverage of Strides for Strokes in the September issue of Turtle Soup!, Announcements, Striding Out - A Report on this year’s Annual Strides for Strokes, Quick Peanut Butter Cookies, Mother’s Dictionary of Meanings, Hello from our Art Therapist, Free Computer Training