NSSRC Membership

You can become a Member and access all of the services offered at the Centre by having your healthcare provider send us a referral or by calling 778-340-5803 and leaving a detailed message.  You will then be contacted by our staff to find out a bit more about you and your specific needs so that we can ascertain the best day for you to come for a visit. After the first visit, your detailed program attendance will be determined.

Please note: as we are a recreational and leisure facility, we CANNOT support individuals with the following complex needs: toileting, medication administration, individuals with moderate to severe dementia, or other severe health conditions that over-ride the symptoms of a stroke.

Visiting the Centre

On your first visit, you will receive an information package that outlines all of the services available to you and your caregiver. You will meet the Coordinators, tour the Centre and be able to ask further questions.  All members will eventually be screened by our Speech Language Pathologist to determine what kind of assistance is required from the perspective of your cognitive functioning, your receptive and expressive speech, your ability to read and write, and your ability to focus on a task, as well as much more.  We ask that you complete an information package that will assist us in determining the best fit between your needs and our services.

What do I bring?

We encourage everyone to come in comfortable clothing and supportive footwear to be able to take part in all types of activities. Please ensure that you bring your lunch, we provide juice, water and decaffeinated tea and coffee.


Although we can sign you up to access this service and we ensure that everyone utilizing this service are on the list in January and September of every year, it is your responsibility to check with HandyDART (604-575-6600)for the specifics of when they are to arrive for pickup and if you are not coming on your regular day, that you cancel service with HandyDART directly.

Member Responsibilities & Fees

  • support the Daily Maintenance of supplies, for coffee, tea, therapy supplies, fruit, etc. by providing $2.00 every day of attendance at the Centre;
  • support the Centre through active engagement in fundraising either by taking part in a fundraising activity or seeking ways of fundraising and bringing that to the attention of the Coordinators; the NSSRC pays out on average of $183 per hour of every hour of operation to support you in your recovery;
  • support your recovery through active involvement with other Members and in mentoring new Members;
  • annual membership fee of $170, collected each January and pro-rated throughout the year; $150 supports the N.S.S.R.C. program & $20 supports the provincial office, Stroke Recovery Association of B.C. (S.R.A.B.C.) 
  • support the Centre and the Membership by volunteering to help with specific tasks to contribute to the overall smooth functioning of daily activities;