2019 Art After Stroke Gala Event

What an incredible evening it was at the Art After Stroke Gala Event! Impressive and inspirational artworks created by survivors of stroke, adorned the walls at the Roundhouse Community Center in Vancouver.

A cornucopia of visual and performance art including, displays, music, comedy, poetry and storytelling filled the festive evening. People mingled, tables of delectable hors d’oeuvres and spirits overflowed, and a monstrous-sized cake was served to commemorate SRABC’s 40th Anniversary.

On stage, Dennis Joseph kicked off the event with a First Nations welcome speech. This was followed by a song he sang with spirit-filled vocals accompanied with beats from a traditional, ceremonial drum. The room combusted with applause and cheers as Rock and Blues band “Bitterly Divine,” brought the house down with their electrified performance. Dennis played skillfully alongside his band, and when he “freestyled” with his harmonica, he slayed it… like a BOSS.

Congratulations to Chris Kimpton, Dennis Joseph, and Ilze Bebris, on a successful exhibition that impressed a crowd full of discerning art critics. Chris’s bright red birdhouse presented a bold, whimsical focal point within the gallery space. Ilze’s mixed media paintings explored the complexities of composition, colors, shapes and textures. Dennis’s Chrome Harmonica artwork was visually striking, as a bioluminescent-like glow, lit up the piece from within the confines of the shadow box.

To see more of Ilze’s art visit: http://www.ilzebebris.com To learn more about Dennis’s band Bitterly Divine visit: https://www.bitterlydivine.ca/

~ Karen Mah