A Warm, Heartfelt Thank You to Amica Lions Gate and Amica Edgemont!

We express our sincere gratitude for the generosity we receive from Amica Lions Gate. Amica Lions Gate provides the NSSRC, a cozy tea room and a spacious lounge where we facilitate our Monday programs every week. We are grateful for the coffee, tea, and perfectly plated pastries and fresh fruit provided for our members. Your staff is always hospitable and considerate of our needs.

Monday’s at Amica Lions Gate is adapted for Older Survivors of Stroke (OSS) over 65, with mobility constraints due to stroke or natural aging. The program addresses physical health, peer socializing and improving communication skills. The NSSRC maintains a comfortable, non-judgmental environment where people feel safe. Members arrive by HandyDART at 10:00am and engage in friendly conversations over coffee and refreshments. A stimulating game of mental aerobics in a group setting follows. Crosswords and a range of other brain game activities are sure to get the neurons firing.

Exercise therapist Sue Dogan, runs an upbeat morning exercise program at 11:00am. Sue leads members through a physical routine with music that gets hearts pumping and bodies moving. Members take part in trivia, engage in a lively discussion of current events or play chess in the afternoon. Music therapy, speech and art are also offered on a daily basis throughout the week and included in the annual membership. Contact Karen Mah for details.

Thanks again Amica Lions Gate, for all you’ve generously given us. The North Shore Stroke Recovery Centre, members, and their families are grateful beyond words. Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year!

~ Karen Mah



Amica Edgemont you are a gift to us….
We wish a very Merry Christmas to Edgemont Amica and all the Staff! Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude from the Young Survivors of Stroke from NSSRC go out to you. Each week Amica gives back to the community providing space, hot drinks and goodies to this group. Our group has grown and flourished in this fabulous space. Every Monday there is lots of laughs and comradery in the challenging journey of working hard to re-gain confidence and independence after a massive unexpected life changing event. Amica Edgemont you are making a vital difference to all of us.

~ Sue Carabetta