Aphasia Friendly Book Club

Envision this: A room full of people who have various levels of difficulty expressing themselves, sitting around having a lively discussion about the chapter of the book they read last week!

Unfortunately, many people with aphasia don’t get the opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts frequently in their daily life which is why we began a Book Club using materials created by the Aphasia Center of California with the explicit goal of enhancement of life participation.

Weekly discussions are facilitated by an experienced speech-language pathologist and the materials are “aphasia friendly” including chapter highlights, simplified vocabulary, and weekly worksheets that encourage reading and writing. Some members also use CDs or e-readers to assist with their comprehension.

Here’s what our members are saying about the Book Club:
“It’s just so good!”

Books we have read:
The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
My Stroke of Luck by Kirk Douglas

Please join us in the future for our next book beginning fall 2019!

-Allison Haas, MSc, RSLP