BCIT’s Presentation on Memory Loss

Second year nursing students Kathleen So and Lisa Roswell from BCIT, dropped by the Neighborhood House to give a presentation on Memory Loss. Effective techniques and tools were discussed to help NSSRC members improve their memory and regain confidence in themselves on their stroke recovery. Here are some helpful tips:

Memory problems differ from person to person. It is common after a stroke, you’re not alone.
Memory Loss Signs and Symptoms
· Confusion
· Problems with short-term memory
· Difficulties following instructions
· Wandering or getting lost in familiar places

Strengthening memory
1. Word Searches/Crossword Puzzle These activities stimulate our brain by working on our perceptual skills and attention.
2. Playing Scrabble This game uses a variety of skills. Adding scores uses simple math and thinking of words requires cognitive flexibility.
3. Gardening/Dancing/Walking It is a great hobby that also provides exercise, improves stamina, balance and coordination.

Memory Tools
1. Have a Place for Everything For example, hang keys on a hook by the door and place things where they belong.
2. Have a Routine Stick to a daily and weekly time table.
3. Keep a Notebook Handy Have it organized into sections such as appointments, medications and phone numbers or other important information.
4. Use Memory Cues Connecting information or a task to something meaningful such as an image or familiar song helps you remember it.
5. Use a Calendar Write down daily activities and special events on a large calendar.

To Learn More Visit:
North Shore Stroke Recovery Center: Connect with Gail

~ Handout provided by Kathleen So and Lisa Roswell