Friday in Motion At The Mall

Every Friday you will see a contingent of folks in the journey of recovery from strokes down at Capilano Mall enjoying some good socializing, a time to get some walking in as well as a chance to independently run some errands, grab a haircut or some groceries.

This free program sponsored by March of Dimes Canada is run by Karen Mah and Sue Carabetta along with some stellar volunteers. We meet Fridays at the food court at about 9:30 am and head out walking just before ten. Eleven o’clock we are back at the food court for coffee time and a wind up before returning home at about 11:30.

Handidart drops off and picks up those members who need a ride. It is remarkable to see many people continuing their rehabilitation in this great au natural setting where they can accomplish many things they are wanting to get back to with just a little support.

Many different transitions occur during this time with some moving from wheelchair to walker, walker to canes… some doing sets of stairs… and we are happy to support in whatever way we can.

Talk to us at the NSSRC center to find out more about how you can be a part of this either as a volunteer or a member.

~ Sue Carabetta