Meet Our Volunteers

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we reflect on how thankful we are for the many new volunteers at the center. All come with different backgrounds, stories and skill sets and make our Stroke Recovery Center that much richer. Here are just a few of the people who have come to share their time with us. We are grateful!

My name is Alanna and I am happy to be spending Thursday mornings volunteering at the North Shore Stroke Recovery Centre! I am a recent kinesiology graduate and my current day job involves assisting youth with disabilities on the North Shore as a support worker. I hope to pursue a career in occupational therapy in the near future and have a positive impact on the lives of others. In my spare time, I enjoy staying active in the out-doors, going to yoga classes, and travelling to new places!

My name is Maria, and the reason I became a volunteer at the North Shore Stroke Recovery Center is because my father had suffered a major stroke. It took away his speech, and his friends stopped coming to see him after that. He also had a hard time moving around and had double vision, so was very limited in what he could do. I really enjoy my job at the Center. It’s a very positive environment and I always have the feeling that everyone is really happy to be there. No one should have to go through life alone, and I’m grateful that I can be a part of this great community.

Hello! My name is Yasmin and I am a new volunteer at the North Shore Stroke Recovery Centre. I am interested in Occupational Therapy and I am very excited to be volunteering with this great organization! The members, other volunteers and staff are so friendly, supportive and it really feels like a tight knit community. In my spare time I like to workout, cook, learn languages and spend time with family and friends.

Hi everyone, my name is Lauren and I’m really looking forward to working with the North Shore Stroke Recovery Centre again this year! I am currently in my final year of a Bachelors degree in Linguistics and Psychology at Simon Fraser University. My passion and field of interest is speech-language pathology, so my next step will hopefully be acceptance to a Masters program at the University of Queensland, Australia. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, kickboxing, reading, and spending time with my dog and the people I love.