Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy programs are run by a speech language pathologist (SLP), who is available 21 hours/week. Prior to enrolment in regular therapy sessions, an assessment with the SLP is required. Every effort is made to book regular weekly appointments on an as available basis. A speech language pathologist assistant (SLPA) and volunteers, under the guidance of the SLP, are also available for additional weekly sessions.

The goals of speech therapy are:

  • To enhance communication levels for those with speech deficits by improving their language skills within the limits of their stroke traumas.
  • To assess each new member of the NSSRC who has potential communication barriers.
  • To guide and instruct the SLPA and volunteers of the NSSRC who assist with the speech therapy program.
  • To implement activities consistent with the goals of the Centre.
  • To keep detailed notes of speech sessions with members and to review and revise goals as required.


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