Glenn Watson

Music Therapist

Glenn Watson was born in Barbados and moved to Canada in 2007 to pursue bachelor degree in Music Therapy at Acadia University, NS. Post graduating, he moved to Toronto, and interned in the Creative Arts Therapy Department at Sunnybrook Hospital, VC Wing. After he completed a successful internship and subsequently fulfilled the accreditation requirements and/or certification criteria (MTA) he moved to Montreal. “I always had an interest in learning about different cultures and cultural nuances, and in formal and informal education.” While living in Montreal, he enjoyed working as a Music Therapist at a Jewish Cultural Centre. After that short stint, he practiced music therapy in London, Ontario, Calgary, Alberta, “…all in the pursuit of learning outside the four walls of the classroom” he remarks. Later, he re-settled in Toronto, and became a member of staff with the Creative Arts Therapy department, VC Wing of the Sunnybrook Hospital, where he worked for 5 years as music therapist. In total, Glenn has amassed over a decade of working with various populations, sites and settings including: group sessions comprising survivors of CBAs and/or CBIs at a rehabilitation centre, group sessions at a Forensic facility in Alberta; numerous group homes and schools, LTC facilities, nursing and respite homes. Glenn believes there is always much to learn as a music therapist in particular and as a person in general, “Learning should be lifelong.”