Thank You West Vancouver Community Foundation!

Because of a generous grant from the WVCF, we were able to offer 11 sessions this year for our July Summer Program. Their financial support allowed us to offer a program that promoted connecting with the community, the continuation of important therapies, peer support and caregiver respite time. Here is a sample of some of our ‘success’ stories:

Creating Moments and Lasting Memories.
What we do at the Stroke Center reaches beyond our members. Memorable moments are created during our summer programing. For Mariam who sadly passed away in the Fall, she enjoyed and looked forward to attending the programs in the summer and throughout her time with the NSSRC. Moments in her life at the NSSRC, were captured through photos in our newsletter, words shared by our members and staff, and in the art she created. We gathered some of these items and precious memories from her time spent here, for Mariam’s family to cherish and pass along to future generations.

Large Number of Participants Attended the Summer Programs.
Two entertainers and NSSRC’s in-house music therapist, were invited to Amica Lions Gate this summer. Approximately 60+ participants which included our members and Amica residents showed up for John Cronin’s music performance. Approximately 30 people participated in Sam King’s Music Therapy session and about 45+ people were entertained by Peter Rooke’s Magic Show.

Building Goodwill so Everybody Wins.
The NSSRC invited residents from Amica Lions Gate to join our summer programs. Both organizations worked together as a team, to ensure the venue was organized to accommodate the performers and audience. Amica advertised the summer programs in their calendars, on posters and through word of mouth. NSSRC members and Amica residents thoroughly enjoyed the music and the performers also received exposure which could lead to future opportunities.

Witnessing the Positive Effects of Music.
Music stimulates certain areas of the brain to increase blood flow. Music has been known to reduce stress and depression, improve cognitive skills and speech (via singing), increase social activity and motivate seniors in retirement communities, to move. The music encouraged people with all different abilities, to find enjoyment in the moment while singing, tapping, nodding, clapping, reminiscing and moving to familiar songs.

Fostering Environments Filled with Laughter and Happiness.
Laughter has been known to relax, comfort, combat stress, relieve pain and help the immune system. The audience was amused and entertained, when Peter Rooke skillfully used humor and audience participation in his magic act.

Balloons create a celebratory atmosphere which people often associate with occasions that are happy and carefree. As NSSRC members arrived for Bingo on the last day, balloon centerpieces adorned the tables in the tea room. This brought a smile to everyone’s face. The Bingo program itself, naturally generates a fair amount of laughter, participation and happiness for our members as there are prizes to be won.