Young Stroke Survivors ZOOMing

I had never heard of you other than as the dictionary defines you: to close in as in camera use or to go fast as in driving. Guess what? That’s exactly what you do as a Website.

You bring the members of the YSS close together and quickly as well. It’s been something to look forward to at 3pm on Mondays. Semi-isolation can be very tough, especially when you live alone. TV and music can get tiresome.

Seeing people one by one as they log on, getting updated & finding out what’s keeping each one of us sane is fun. Beside that, you get a peek inside their home. The jokes and little tidbits of life “lighten the load” so to say, and that is really nice.

It’s not the same as being together in real life but until we can do that, as Martha Stewart says “it’s a good thing”.

~ Deb Larman

Thank you so much for the Zoom gatherings It allows for catch up in our lives . And so good to actually see everyone’s faces. Always a challenge to facilitate a Zoom session and you all do a great job looking after us. It can be like herding cats at times I’m sure. I continue to work on my recording booth and have finishing touches to do. I also have some lyrics done and have completed recording a couple more songs during this time. Chores, chores, chores. I’m loving spending family time too. Until next time be safe,

~ Dennis

I am so delighted to be able to attend our exercises and coffee club via Zoom. It has been a mental and physical life saver for me. I have enjoyed getting to know more people who struggle like me in their stroke recovery. Because of this I do not feel alone!!! (Even though the technology is a challenge for me!) I have also found the group so welcoming and accepting of me even with my speech difficulties. The group has been so patient, kind and caring that it helps me to feel more accepting of my own limitations. Who knew that this Covid-19 crisis would be turned around into such a positive situation!!

Sincerely, Mickey Holloway


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