31st Annual Francophone Festival du Bois – March 6-8, 2020 in Mackin Park

This year, Festival du Bois which is a festival to celebrate Canadian Francophone culture also showcased the Métis Experience to honour this strong Canadian heritage. Terry and Yvonne Camsell and Yasmine Bia enjoyed a visit together to Coquitlam to experience the rich Métis history, art, culture, perspectives and tradition that have been part of this country for over 200 years!

The big tent showcased a lot of wonderful Métis dancing and lively music, both a creative blend of European (French, Scottish and Irish) and First Nations and gave out information about local francophone organizations. Outside were many activities to keep everyone engaged- face painting, clowns on stilts, Elders telling stories from Métis history, shared artifacts, and they explained words from Michif, the Métis language.

It was difficult to decide what to eat with the tourtière, and maple sugar pie around, but we chose delicious Québécois poutine and maple taffy on snow, made right before our eyes. Who knew that would be some of the last food we’d eat in public for a while?! What a great day!

Can’t wait for the next one!

~ Yvonne Camsell


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