NSSRC’s New Instagram Page

Last April, we rolled out the NSSRC’s new Facebook page. In May, we are excited to announce the launch of Instagram!

Instagram operates as a simplified version of Facebook. Both platforms promote our visibility on social media by offering us the capability to share photos, videos, and announcement posts. It will also redirect people to our active Facebook and Website pages so they can learn more about the NSSRC!

Instagram users can follow, be followed, comment, like, tag posts, and send private mes-sages. Instagram also opens the door to a world of possibilities for the NSSRC, to connect and network with other great organizations and companies in the community.

FOLLOW our Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/strokerecoverycentre/

We need your support! Don’t forget to SHARE, COMMENT and LIKE our Instagram posts!

~ Karen Mah


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