A Great Big, Wet Sloppy, Thank-You to the West Vancouver Foundation!

We are thankful and appreciate the generous grant we received from the West Vancouver Foundation. Your funding makes it possible for the NSSRC to adapt and continue to operate its programs and services.

In our present situation, we’ve utilized ZOOM Conference to facilitate virtual speech therapy, exercises and coffee time chats. Members receive email updates accented with jokes and puzzles, phone call check-ins, and newsletter mail-outs sent to those without email. We’ve also been busy behind the scenes assembling our new Facebook page and extending our social media reach. This cultivates community visibility for the NSSRC and provides another avenue for people to connect, find information and share ideas.

From all of us at the NSSRC, we’d like to raise a toast to you, West Vancouver Foundation! Many thanks! With your generosity, we can provide ongoing support to our members!

~ Karen Mah
(Photo by Mariel Salazar)


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