Art After Stroke – YSS Exhibiting Art Pieces!!

Coming up in October is the 4th annual Art after Stroke Exhibit at the Roundhouse in Vancouver. It is a celebration of incredible works of art by survivors of stroke to raise awareness and funds for important stroke recovery programs in the community. It features paintings and pieces of art created by some amazing survivors of stroke artists. This year there will be art from three of our Young Survivors of Stroke from NSSRC.

Plan to participate in a two day event on October 9th and 10th 2019. YSS member Dennis Joseph’s band “Bitterly Divine” will be playing at 8:30 pm on Oct 9th at the Gala.

See for more details on how to get tickets for this event.

Dennis Joseph will also have a couple of art pieces displayed. They are entitled the “Twin Sisters” and “Harmonica”. As well Chris Kimpton will display his “Dr Seuss” birdhouse. Chris has made many different individualized bird-houses for YSS members as part of his personal stroke recovery therapy. Ilza Bedis local artist, survivor of stroke and YSS member will be displaying some art as well.

Don’t miss out! Come see this display depicting one of the many ways there is life after stroke!!

~ by Sue Carabetta


“The Twin Sisters” – Artwork by Dennis Joseph

Many know them as the Lions, for the Squamish People we know them as The Twin Sisters. The essence of our famous story is about Brotherhood and Sisterhood. During a peace accord with one of the Northern tribes a war almost broke out. The creator intervenes and transforms Squamish Twin Sisters into mountains. To remind us to always work to get along.