June Celebrations

June 27th celebrations were in full swing with about 100 NSSRC family and friends gathered together. A delicious Greek lunch was had by all at local restaurant Andreas. Together we remembered another great year together of friendships, hard work, laughter and stroke rehabilitation. There were many new milestones crossed in another year at the center this past season. For the people who make the NSSRC a reality through diligence and hard work along with the courageous members, who engage in their daily journey of recovery, it was a day worth celebrating!! Thanks to all for coming out.

FERDINAND VARGAS, Volunteer & Member
It’s been a decade since I had a brain stroke. The journey to recovery was so hard and very challenging that it reached the point of giving up and believing that the brain damage that I sustained during my stroke is permanent and irreversible. Nonetheless, having been given the chance to a second life, I had to find ways and means to improve my physical and health condition. That’s when I came to know about the North Shore Stroke Recovery Centre. Initially I was a regular member of the program but then I became a volunteer up to this day.
~Ferdinand Vargas

SFS Top Fundraiser Award Announcement
Thank you to everyone involved in making the SFS a successful event.
SFS Results: over $32,000! Our best year ever!

Top fundraiser award:
1st – Sandy Lang ($2144)
2nd – Marnie Hodgins ($1992)
3rd – Gay Walker ($1431)
4th – Yvonne & Terry Camsell ($1296)

Highest number of pledges:
1st – Marnie Hodgins (67)
2nd – Dave Andrew (26)
3rd – Barbie Watt (17)
Honourable Mentions – Gay Walker, Yvonne Camsell, Chris Kimpton