Christmas Extravaganza with NSSRC!

The date was Thursday Dec 19th, the place was the Holiday Inn, the mood was decidedly festive and North Shore Stroke Recovery Centre family, friends and supporters were out in the masses!

Turkey lunch with all the trimmings was enjoyed by all. Prizes abounded, washcloths and recycled shirt bags were sold out for stocking stuffers, and the enjoyment over lunch was palpable. The SongShine Group Choir led by Penelope and Yasmine was really phenomenal. The group has accomplished so much this fall season. The comradery was so evident when we were all invited to join in the singing. What a fine celebration of all that the Stroke Centre is about. All different members of the Stroke Recovery family including those from the board who volunteer their time to vision and lead the organization, Mary Thirsk who was one of the founding members, staff, program volunteers and lots and lots of members with their families were present. Once again, we were thankful for a year of great programs, stories and courageous full journeys of those working hard everyday to recover from a stroke. Here’s to 2020!!

~ Sue Carabetta