SureFeet Balance Program 2020!

It’s 2020 and we know, you all can’t wait to LACE UP THOSE SHOES and GET YOUR SWEAT ON! The ever-popular SureFeet Balance Program is revving-up to start February 6, 2020! This program is offered every Thursday at the North Shore Neighborhood House.

The focus of the program helps members improve balance and mobility to reduce the risk of falls. Participants gain stability, build core body strength and develop self-confidence. Skills acquired in class aid in reducing falls and enable participants to regain their independence.

Instructors Judy Bjornson and Susan Bock Smith, return to challenge your flexibility and stamina with squats, leg lifts and kicks! Classes are charged with high-octane enthusiasm and zeal, against the backdrop of pop and rock n’ roll music!

Where: Gym at North Shore Neighbourhood House
When: Every Thursday beginning February 6th until June 18th (20 sessions)
Time: 11 a.m. – 12 noon
Cost: $4 per session

Your spot will be confirmed once you’ve paid the fee: $4/sessions x 20 sessions = $80. Cheques can be made out to N.S.S.R.C. Contact one of the coordinators if you want to find out more.
Get registered, get fit! We hope to see you there!

~ Karen Mah, Gail Snelling