July Summer Extravaganza 2019

Special thanks to Amica Lions Gate, Amica Edgemont and to all our performers, staff and dedicated volunteers who have made our summer programming possible!

It’s not every day you’d witness someone extract a 10-foot pole from a small velvet pouch or watch a stream of colorful handkerchiefs materialize from seemingly, empty hands. That’s just all in a day’s work for magician Peter Rooke, when he dazzled NSSRC members and Amica residents with his brand of magic in July. The audience readily participated and were mesmerized by his performance. Peter’s magic show was a hit.

Music, the Universal Language
“Que Será, Será,” erupted from the lounge at Amica Lions Gate, as the audience of 60+, joyfully sang along with John Cronin while he strummed his guitar and charismatically sang into his microphone. John’s highly anticipated musical performance, motivated the audience to sing, clap, tap and nod to the beat of familiar tunes.

Music Therapy Thrives at the NSSRC
Sam King’s convincing impersonation of Louis Armstrong singing, “What a Wonderful World,” gave rise to a room full of smiles and laughter from his music therapy group. Sam’s sense of humor, his ability to connect and inspire people to sing and share their thoughts, makes him such a talented music therapist who is very well-liked by our members.

Show-Stopping Quilts
Linda Fedderson and her team from the Seymour Quilters Guild, visited the North Shore Neighborhood House to show-off their passion for quilting! Members admired the beautiful quilts styled in traditional and contemporary patterns, from the simplistic to the intricate. Some were exquisitely made by hand, others by machine. All the quilts were inspired by personal stories and a plethora of uniquely creative ideas.

Bingo, Balloons and Pie
Colorful balloon creations (courtesy of Karen Mah) awaited NSSRC members as they arrived on the last day of programming before the summer break. Members enjoyed Apple Crumble and Blueberry Pie, followed by several rounds of BINGO! The biggest winner was Janet Coons, who swept the Bingo prizes with a total of 4 wins! Gulzar Verjee and Liza Capila Maramot, Irene Shears and Mariam Moussavian with two wins. And finally, Kathy Moen and Mary Thorndycraft each with one win. While some people made off like a thief with an armful of prizes, Lady Luck took the day off for others. Either way, everyone had a fantastic time!

~ by Karen Mah