Thank You, Music Heals!

Infectious laughter, friendly and warm, this 58 year old member of the Young Survivor of Stroke group has been courageous in the face of adversity. On April 5th, 2018 Dave had a series of three strokes over the course of four days. These major strokes changed his life in an instant. These days Dave is physically pretty able, walking with poles though it has certainly changed his ability to play the soccer he loved. But what causes the most uncertainty for him now is his seriously impaired short term memory. Sometimes its hard to remember how he got to the Stroke Recovery Centre that day or if anyone is coming back to pick him up. Dave is a now a rich part of the fabric of the young survivor of stroke community. Every music therapy session is enlivened with Dave there.

Though it’s hard for him to realize he can’t remember what he shared 10 seconds before, it is something he is able to laugh about with us. Dave has a phenomenal long term memory especially of the many years he spent working in the record industry. Music therapy is a place where Dave shines, a place where he can share knowledge and the music he loves. Much laughter abounds and some poignant moments too. A couple of weeks ago he shared this thought “ this group and you people are amazing, so supportive to me. It’s sad that it took this stroke for me to really know how much my community means to me but I am very thankful for all of you”. Without the funds and support generously donated by Music Heals we would not be able to offer this instrumental (pun intended) service for those survivors of stroke like Dave who benefit so much from it. Thanks Music Heals — we are so grateful for you!

~ Sue Carabetta


I had a stroke on March 2, 2015. That was the scariest thing that ever happened. I opened my mouth but couldn’t talk, couldn’t remember what words are. I started working with a speech therapist in April. After a few months, I missed my karate so much, I joined again (a lot of instructors and doctors thought I was crazy). I volunteered as well for the North Vancouver Stroke Recovery, Brain Recovery and Harvest Project. With everything together, that is what pushed me and motivated me keep going.

I started working in June, 2017, now I work full time. I’m a Senior Personal Insurance Agent. The stroke was a hard time but has changed me as well. You realize how much you really can push yourself when you need to.

~ Kim Spracklin

Congratulation, Kim, on your 5th anniversary!


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