Where Did the Time Go?

It is very difficult to make this a short story. Ten years later I know how lucky I am to be here and be the best I can possibly be. It took my family 4 hours to find me and I was passed out. I was unconscious for five days and the doctors took 3 days to bring my blood pressure under 200! I was in hospital for two and a half months, came home to a new apartment (no stairs) that my siblings arranged and set up entirely.

In the first four years I broke one bone a year trying to relearn how to walk. I broke my pelvis twice, my hip and my shoulder one per year. I have the use of one side of my body, fortunately my right side as I am right handed.

The mountains we have to climb are like Mount Everest each day. I am lucky to be tenacious and stubborn so I have always kept a positive attitude in my situation. I am sure my attitude has been lifesaving!!

In April 2019, I had my scooter fall on me (all 300 lbs of it!) and found out I broke fourteen bones; all my ribs, my shoulder and my collar bone. It was 4 months recovery.

I try not to concern with people in my circumstances who just feel sorry for themselves because I think that if you don’t try your best to help yourself you will not get any better and you will be miserable all alone and your health will diminish.

I ride my scooter (it’s my car) every single day rain, shine, snow it’s only water! It does us good to get out and smell fresh air, feel the sun and see the new growth every spring. There are a lot of things I’ve done that I cannot do now but had I not been in such good condition when I had my stroke I would have passed away. I almost did.

I have a great network of friends and especially family. I rarely get depressed because to me it is a waste of time which I don’t allow. I am having a hard time realizing its been 10 years since I’ve driven, walked on the beach, danced, played golf (which I loved and was lousy at).

I take transit on my scooter, go to the horse races, Chinatown, Stanley Park and the casino. Park Royal and the Quay are local and available to me for my everyday outings. I have my own apartment , cook for myself and I made dinner for my neighbor for 3 years before she passed in Oct 2019. I read 3-5 books a week, I paint and draw a lot, I feel I am making the best of a very bad situation.

Remember when you feel a little low there is someone else worse off then you. Feel good about yourself and your contribution to humanity. You can make your own life as good as it can be all you have to do is try. It works I am proof (I think) of that.

Love and luck to all of us.

~ Barbie Watts



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