What’s Going On?

A quick note to all our members during this time when we are not able to meet at the Centre. Our desire is to find other creative ways to connect and support you.

Download our current June 2020 Turtle Soup Newsletter here.

Here are some of the initiatives we have begun:

  • Phone call check ins and newsletter mail-out if you don’t have email.
  • Emails to our members who have an email with updates, jokes, mental aerobics, etc.
  • Zoom online meetings for those who have internet and are able to get the zoom free app. Please email or call us if you are interested in trying to set this up. See instructions below.
  • For those using zoom, there are more options available for us to gather online – check in and chat, mental aerobics, possibly music, and for some, opportunities to do online speech therapy, book clubs, iPad and memory groups. We are just in the process of developing some of these options.
  • SRABC is offering twice/week chair exercise classes on zoom that will be available to our members.


ZOOM On-Line Programs:

    11:00 am – Zoom session Exercises with Judy and Susan
    3:00 pm –  Zoom session for Young Survivor of Stroke Group. 
    11:00 am – Zoom session Exercises with Judy and Susan
    2:00 pm – Zoom Virtual Coffee Time 
    11:00 am – Zoom Virtual Coffee Time 
  • Penelope Bacsfalvi. Our Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), and Yasmine Bia, our SLP assistant are also offering 1-1 and group speech sessions via zoom.

Installing ZOOM:
The free app can be downloaded on a telephone, tablet or computer using audio or both audio and video. There are 2 options you can use to join a zoom meeting:

Option 1: To download and install the Zoom Application: Go to https://zoom.us/download and from the Download Center, click on the Download button under “Zoom Client For Meetings”. This application will automatically download when you start your first Zoom Meeting. You’ll be asked to open or download zoom. Follow the prompts.

Option 2: Either open up Zoom or go to zoom.us. Click “Join a meeting”. After we email you a meeting day and time, you just go to this and click join a meeting and put in the code we send.

Please contact a coordinator at the emails below or phone the NSSRC at 778-340-5803 if you have any questions or concerns or just want to connect with us. Also, if you have other ideas of things we could do to connect at the present time, please share them with us.

Wishing you all good health at this time.

~ Gail, Sue, Karen, Penelope, Allison and Yasmine



We continue to need financial support during these difficult times. Thank You!

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